Hi all,

After much testing of various security solutions for WordPress based sites including WordFence and various others I came to the conclusion that the best/most feature rich and quick to implement solution was BulletProof Security

The security package in question can be installed easily via the inbuilt plugin search and install facility along with the upload facility.

What it does

Once installed you open up its settings page inside the WordPress admin area and you are greeted with alerts.

You press a handy lil button to create the “BulletProof” protection files, then click other buttons to which you want to activate the security for.

It protects all areas of site, has a backup/restore facility of the files it creates and also advises you on the file and folder permissions you have implemented and then divulges the BEST mode to have each of the important folders/files.

All in all

All in all the suite is enough to keep you from most hack attacks and the such that target weak frontend rules.

To keep your site ever more secure you should (if you own/rent a dedicated/virtual server) install NGinx as an apache proxy handler & implement a firewall that can mitigate/deny access (temp/permanent) on hosts that attempt any type of security scans/port scans/vulnerability scans.

If you are a Linux server user, I suggest the VERY complete, FREE firewall solution called CSF (Config Server Firewall)

Note: you will need to be knowledgeable of Linux/basic firewall implantation to use CSF to its full potential!