Jamie Ede Professional

Development & Security

Professional developer for websites and mobile applications with a passion for security and code optimisation.

What i am

Security First 100%
All About Design 100%
Dedicated Developer 100%
Normal speaking Human 100%
Robot 10%

The security of your Website or App is the most important thing even before development begins. I will always advise the best course of action for a safe and secure working space.

The information entered or shown on your website and application needs the same love and care with regards to security as it does in the overall design look of it.

My work begins with you giving me a brief, this can be however detailed or brief as you see fit. I love a challenge!

With the brief I usually then compose 2-3 variants of design based on the specifications you have to give you choice in deciding what best suites your brand and business.

Design usually takes from a week to a month depending on the brief set and the nature of the website or app.

Once you have decided on the “best fit” mock-up design, I then go ahead with any amendments to the design you wish to see done to bring it 100% in-line with your aspirations.

Throughout the development stage I keep you up to date on progress and ask if everthing looks to be in order and an unlimited amount of changes can be asked of me. Heck, if you change your mind totally on the layout, colour scheme or anything I’ll go ahead and change it all to your new specifications!

There isn’t a “page limit”

So feature set and page functions can be tailored to fit exactly in with your way of thinking.

Yes, it might surprise you but I am 100% human.

I won’t baffle you with jargon that means absolutely nothing to you and your business.

I am all about explaining everything you want to know about (and more) in a coherent manner, with advice along the way on how to make the most of your web presence and flourish in your business sector.

Only 10% of me is robotic.

This 10% robotic(ness) is necessary in the line of work I do! Without it, my systems and web infrastructure would not be what it is today. A safe, secure & optimised cluster of servers with global reach.

Key Skills

  • Web CMS platform development (including custom coding) and administration
  • Custom source web development. HTML/5, PHP, jquery / javascript, MySQL
  • Mobile application development including iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms
  • Social media utilisation adviser

  • Website / server security including zero-day protection and penetration testing
  • Secure hosting environment provider using Linux O/S in a secure & dedicated environment
  • Search engine ranking adviser (best practices for long-standing ranking)
  • Linnworks / Linnlive Order Management software experience


  • “Jamie helped take the idea from a rough design (very rough!) to a real life, working page. The support section has increased our productivity substantially. Jamie is now in control of our complete hosting solution and looks after our website with a professional, personal service that we’ve struggled to get anywhere else. This coupled with practically no downtime of the website since we’ve moved means it was a great decision for us.”
    Riki Baker - mendmyi limited
  • “My first ever web design client. They found the exact look they wanted and I delivered. A simple yet informative website for a law firm. Using a HTML template, converted to a CMS template and implemented it to work as they wanted it to.”
    Azhar Khan - City Law Solicitors
  • “I have used Jamie Ede for a year now and he has provided me with a fast and efficient service with focus on quality of work and customer relations. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone that wants the services of someone with a true understanding of computers and websites with the patience to explain it to the client.”
    Michael Hart - Michael Hart Blacksmith